Wading in the Shallows. M. Hudson

The sun was hot and the wind whipped the water into tiny little frothy waves. The surf did not lap as much it seemed to just languidly lean against the beach as if it just could not be bothered to be too energetic.

The water, however, was wonderfully cool. It was a delightful counterpoint to the warmth of the day. Kicking off my sandals I began easing myself into the water. Ah! The wet sand pushing up between my toes! I stood there a moment and then slowly walked out toward the horizon. The cool water rose up my legs and I noticed the walking was a little slower now. The pressure of the water was making it slow going. The bottom was a murky glow and I stepped on a tiny shell with a sharp edge. The sun was hot, the wading was getting harder and I could no longer see where I was going....time to go back to the beach.

As I waded back to the dry sand and left the water behind, I halted in sudden awareness. How often in life had I done that very thing? Things got a little hard. The going was more work. I got a little hurt. Turning around I looked back to the horizon and the deep swelling ocean hiding the mysterious depths I had turned back before exploring or enjoying. Lord, I prayed, help me overcome the shallows and the beach. Let me learn to fight the current, overcome the swells, and take on the occean of discovery you have awaiting me in life.

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