Lessons from the Geese. M. Hudson

The legend of the Geese shares an important lesson of the interdependence of each being with another. Sometimes we like to imagine ourselves as independent eagles soaring the high lonely places with no need of others. The Geese, however, tell us the benefit of community - especially when the community is mutually supportive. For in the legend the geese fly in a v formation with one in the lead. All around him other geese honk urging the leader forward, encouraging the lead bird, and cheering the bird on. When the leader weakens, another bird will fly into his place allowing the leader to slow and to be the follower. On and on this will go with each bird taking a turn in both leading and following. What a marvelous lesson and example. How much it illustrates the words of the Bible to "bear one another's burdens." The legend of the geese....a lesson for each of us. 

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