Ode to a Candle.

I can wax eloquent over the simple candle because we were without power for a time one Sunday night. Several hours in a dark community while ice pelted down and we looked longingly at the glow from the community to the north... We gathered the candles and enjoyed them flickering in the dark. We prayed for those who might be suffering in the cold more than we. We shared stories and remembered outages when we were children. They were more fun then, I must admit. You could just snuggle up to Mom or Dad and get sleepy while they took care of things.

All of our "new fangled" telephones were dead. The only phone that worked was a restored 1930's pedestal phone....hmm what does that say about the state of our technology? Have we really improved things that much or merely obscured the efficient with the gadget? A house filled with sconces and lamps and switches....but it was a match and candles that gave us light. Yes, I can wax rather wordy on the simple candle... 

It made me wonder though, in the big scheme of things, this thing we call life, am a steady positive force that easily and simply adds light and warmth to life or a bit of frail technology subject to the whims of falling ice and grid failures?

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