A New Day

A NEW DAY (Neh.3:22)

I remember just before I met my husband my parents moved into a small house of their own. My father planted morning glories in the heat of the summer and carefully tied the string to the roof, and watered them every day.

My father was not a gardening man. He was not one to work for hours on the yard. For some reason, though, he did this one thing. As late summer and early fall came we enjoyed the vines twisting and growing and reaching out to shade the porch.

Each morning, in that fragile pause before the day begins, the vines opened blooms of every color, and turned their faces to the sky.

I never knew why he planted those flowers. I only know that he did and they brought joy, beauty, and grace to each day.

Each new day brings many things :Opportunities –we have the chance to contribute, to achieve, to try again, to do it better, to ….Compassions – those mercies that come to us each day, unfailing, steady, sure; “love, pity, merciful” (Young’s). We do not deserve them. But God’s love is so full and rich he gifts us with His pity…mercy….and love. Hope – because God has been gracious to us, because each new day gives us new purpose, and because God’s compassions do not fail and ‘great is God’s faithfulness’ to his people.

That is what God gives to us; a new day and seasons of new beginning: Each new beginning waits, in that fragile pause before the next phase of life begins, the vines are preparing to open blooms of every color;We, the blooms of every hue, thankfully turn our faces to the sky…

Because Great is thy faithfulness….

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