Miracles Comes While You Are Living Life. M. Hudson

The story of the wedding of Cana with guest Mary and her son Jesus provides us with a heady lesson about how the miracles in life occur. The focus of the day was the happy celebration of the commitment and future of two people. The guests were there to witness the solemn vows and then joyfully partake of the feast that would cement the relationship in the eyes of family and community. The event was the diversion that faces each of us in life. We are busy living life. We are involved in survival. We are involved...occupied...distracted....

So, what does God do? While we are busy looking over there....he is quietly at work over here. The miracle occurs while we are not looking because the miracle itself if not the object but rather the gift the miracle brings. The wine produced in this miracle story is finer, better, and more tasty than the best wine produced earlier in the event when the high priced wine would be served. Guests marvel that the tradition has been flipped on its head and the best was saved for the last.

God chose this moment of simple human celebration, when two become one, to remind people that miracles come while we are living life and not while we are waiting for life to provide miracles.

[Image:Picture: Fresco of the Wedding at Cana at the Monastery of Descani, Serbia, ca. 14th Century. Source.http://www.wegm.com/coins/frescoes/images/cana.jpg]

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