Diving Deeper. M. Hudson

Our tendency as humans is to take the safe route, the easy way, and often the path of least resistance to our own plans. We stroll the safe security of the sidelines as we live life. We ask others to not 'rock the boat', we cherish the calm and call it the expected standard and ideal.

Yet, every process and activity of life is one fraught with struggle and change. The caterpillar does not morph into the butterfly without first fighting its way out of the quiet cocoon. The child is born amid pain and blood. The great and small things of life grow by movement away toward something greater than themselves.

The deep places are the destination of the life being called by the divine to grow and become more than they were. To struggle out of the quiet shell of their self protection and safety. To dive deep into the mystery and wonder of true encounter and true transformation.

So, as you stand on that wet beach, the sand tickling your toes, and hear that soul deep stirring or hear that song calling to you from those deep purple depths....be not afraid... because it is God calling to you to grow and become His more fully. As you wade carefully in the shallows and then dive more intentionally into those strange and mysterious places remember ...."In his hand are the deep places of the earth..."(Ps.95.4)

So...take the plunge into the heart of God and dive deeper....

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