The Still Small Voice. M. Hudson

The world screams around us, tugging at our sleeves, shouting in our ears, consuming all available space.

Enjoying the moment, finding the beauty, breathing in deeply of peace, loving family, doing good, and finding grace.

They are brass rings as the merry-go-round of life rushes by in a blur.

Shut the door, take the phone off the hook, and retreat to a silent place in the heart of the home , a forest or garden, or sompleace deep in the soul. Seek communion with the Divine. Seek to  connect to the heart of God.  

Focus on the Spirit's balm and presence.  Reduce the roar of life to a faint and distant hum.  Listen....listen....for the still small voice of God. Be renewed in the silence, find the music in the stillness, and rise encouraged, restored, and refreshed.

The still small voice is the invitation of God to dance with joy and purpose amid days of pain and pointlessness.   To wander through barren deserts to find the solace of the eternal waterfall of grace, goodness, and compassion that is relationship with a loving God.

1 Kings 19:22

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