Proverbs 16:8 “Better a little righteousness than much gain with injustice.”

With power often comes the temptation to abuse such powers, to become filled with pride - and be responsible for creating and perpetuating injustices.

The Proverbs verse cautions against this type action. The framers of the new government also sought to minimize, as much as possible, the ability of anyone abusing their position in government as they had witnessed in Europe and under the current British government. They had to face the real concept of suffering – perhaps even dying - themselves for a small measure of right living in order to achieve the satisfaction of achieving in a small start liberty and freedom. The British government, in contrast, was an example of much gain through injustice. While not all involved in the formation of the U.S. government were thinking of the Bible as they debated, the culture from which they emerged had ingrained those values and examples into them. They were deeply influenced by many people and ideas also influenced by these Biblical concepts.

In a post-modern society distancing itself from those Biblical foundations it is good to be reminded of the truth better a little righteousness than to gain through injustice.

Ethics (righteousness) are those decisions made when no one sees or no one will know.

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