Exodus 18:21 “but select capable ones from all the people – ones who fear God, trustworthy ones who hate dishonest gain.”

Leadership is important at every level of life and every field.  We see on the news stories of leaders caught in flagrant affairs, disregarding federal or state laws, flaunting immoral or unethical business practices, or violating the trust placed in them by employees, share holders, church members, or citizens.  They are, in a very true manner, given a sacred duty to ‘do no harm’ to those under them. As the Israelites pulled together a corps of men to assist their leader the advice was clear: capable, God-fearing, trust-worthy.

This same challenge faced the early founders.  They wanted George Washington remain President. He, however, knew that it would be too easy for the new nation to fall back into the rule of monarchy or worse tyranny without controls and limitations in the workings of government.  As popular and good as one leader might be the next might be susceptible to temptations, bribes, and given to ‘dishonest gain.’

Keeping God in the process – through prayers, participation in the process by Christians, and supporting ‘capable ones’ – is an important way to see a strong and healthy nation emerge in each generation.

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