Putting Out Roots

The new housing development looked bleak with no grass or trees in sight. Barren red dirt of rich red clay hugged the new homes as if daring anything to put down roots.

The “For Sale” sign went up just long enough to be taken down again. The first thing the proud new owners did put in grass. Long rows of sod were placed in intervals across the lawn. They were not touching but close and many wondered how that would work. Visions of zebra striped yards rose in the minds of observers.

The grass, the water, and the sun all worked in harmony and a very short time a strange thing occurred. A strange, even peculiar, process was observed as the grass settled into the yard. As the grass was growing down and putting in deep roots it was always growing sideways and was reaching out to merge with its neighbors on either side. Soon the whole yard was covered in one knitted whole. The separate strips and barren ground were things of the past.

It is a gentle reminder that as members of the Body of Christ we are, despite things that might temporarily separate us, destined to be united in one whole. As we dig deep to root ourselves in God, remember today to reach out to that brother or sister made in the image of God.

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