When the great racehorse, Secretariat, rare winner of the U.S. Triple Crown, died something interesting was discovered.  He had set a record in two races which still, nearly forty years later, has not been duplicated.  They often say the race is to the swiftest, the one with the stamina, but really is to the one with the heart to run.  In this great horse was a very large heart.  His winning was in his genes, his family tree, as much as the unique animal he was.  Research into his bloodline found winners going back for centuries, all with extra large hearts and a history of winning.

Winners have Heart
What a message to the humans about the nature of success, achievement, and accomplishment.  The winner is the one with the largest heart!

Although, for people it is only symbolic to talk about people of generosity, love, and victory as having a 'good heart' or a 'magnanimous heart' or a 'pure heart'.  The example of the horse Secretariat shows there is more truth than fiction in the analogy and maybe a lesson for us as well.

So we should get working to exercise that heart, grow it big with courage, stamina, vision, and love for others.  Most importantly, we should pass that along in our relational gene pool and positively impact all those we know and meet.   

The heart of the champion is big.  How big is your heart?

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