More Than Stones

We stop and stare at the handiworks of time.
The delicate features and the skills so fine;
We contemplate the effort and the hours paid-
Creating such a wonder from the first stone laid.
Listen close, listen long, as you wonder in its shade;
There is more here than a building finely made.
Here is life, hope, and friendship when alone
Because this church is more than merely stone.
It rose above the streets with a purpose clear;
To call out a welcome and bring people here.
It rose to open arms wide and a message to proclaim –
“Come and meet one who cares!” Jesus is his name.
Stone and wood and glass fade away from view;
Time progresses replacing old with new.
A church is more than brick and glass alone;
A church is  people; a church is more than stones.
--Marilyn A. Hudson, 4/2015

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