Sacred Space

In this special, sacred space -
gentle music fills the air.
Like whispers of love, they are everywhere .
Shards of colored light paint vistas for my eyes;
In the stillness, the feel of heavenly bliss,
Gentle as rain on a soft spring day comes your grace.

Soaring melodies of infinite beauty, speak to a restless heart.
The feel of your majesty and presence is everywhere.
Loving, comforting, so rich in scope.
Your warmth spills out covery every part.

You are God above all creation -
Lord of every city, land, and nation.
In my heart, you build a sanctury of sublime grace.
You still the tremors of my fears and give me your peace.

Let my heart burst forth to sing!
Let all voices swell and ring!
A melody of haunting and infinite praise;
Raise faces, all creation, linger to rest in his merciful gaze.

In this sacred space-
In this fragile moment -
I can see your loving face,
While all around I feel your arms of love.
I know my hope comes from above;
Here, heaven and earth meet in special grace;
Here, now, in this sacred and holy place.

(c) Marilyn A. Hudson, 2013
Permission granted to set to music, if the above credit line is used and a notification is sent to marilynahudson@yahoo.com   A link to online renditions appreciated!

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