Like if You Believe

Anyone using social media is familiar with the graphics (memes) with a message.  Christians have a tendency to post ones that say "Like if You Believe Jesus Saves" or "Share if God is Good".   Most feel they are doing the work of the evangelist and sharing their testimony.  They are spreading the good news and giving strength to the weary souls.

Wait a minute, though.

Most Christians also seem to keep their friends on social media in the same religious view or unique heritage that they have.  They often delete anyone who does not share their religious faith, denominational affliation or their personal understanding of what it means to be a Christian.

They are evangelizing the already evangelized, or in the words of an old sayings, they are preaching to the choir.

While these graphics are often lovely, inspiring and carry a Bible verse - they are also a form of passive aggressive behavior.  We hold this up to say - this is what I believe and no others need apply!  It reveals that deep seated suspicious ingrained in many Protestant groups.  Can you, they really want to know, prove you are the 'right kind' of Christian?  Do you measure up to my yardstick?  Are you one of 'us'?

This is not evangelism, this is not even witness, because it has a certain 'in your face' sense to it.  It is not being strong for your faith or prophetic in the discipleship of others. It is simply short sighted, loveless, intolerant, and narrow focused.  Often Christians  have difficulty discussing their faith, or the challenges it faces, without a retreat to fidiasm or a collection of cliches that mean nothing to people who are not believers.

Creatively use social media, express your faith but find ways to do in ways that are construction instead of simply challenging.  It is how Jesus did it...

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