The youth-centric focus of many congregations has meant that music styles have moved from hymns to hip-hop.  Not wrong in itself, all of Christian music history is filled with changes to meet the needs and likes of emerging generations, it was symptomatic of other issues.

The 'elders' - those mature Christians who are to be  honored  according to the Bible - were relegated to the back rows.  The front of the church resembled more a rock concert mash pit than a place for praise and worship.  

Is this segregation by age, music likes, and sound levels truly the best demonstration of the church in action?

In a culture beset by the inability of people to get along, to be tolerant, understanding, and simply kind to one another - what example does this lack of inclusion show?

Worst, are the senior citizen among us, those who may have launched the first and fatal volleys of the "Worship and Music Wars", now beginning to reap the exclusion and negation they first sowed when they were also as intolerant?

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